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Research & Developments

Know more about our developments in the field of Aerospace.

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High Altitude Pseudo Satellite - Prototype

HAPS is a drone capable for flying in the  stratosphere continuously for several months only on solar power.

It will be used for wireless internet, earth observation, surveillance, etc.

Flight computer for Autonomous Drones

Engineered with cutting-edge processors and algorithms, this flight computer enables real-time sensor fusion, navigation, and decision-making, ensuring precise control and adaptability for a wide range of research and commercial applications.

Surveillance Drone Concept

A unique helicopter without a swashplate.

Will be capable of flying upto 3 hours on a single charge.

The drone will come with interchangeable payloads for E/O, I/R and Multispectral sensing.


Autonomous Drone

An aerial platform equipped with advanced sensors and AI capabilities for precise and efficient data collection. Designed to navigate and execute complex missions without human intervention, this drone enhances research efforts in fields such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, and infrastructure inspection.

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